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Turd Sandwich

I say Romney. Romney seems to be the one who would do the most damage in terms of demoralizing activists across the spectrum:

To the Occupy folks, he is a member of the 1%
To the Tea Party, he is a fake conservative
To the Ron Paul folks, he is the one who screwed us over the worst

Plus, he seems to be the one who can further advance the globalist agenda in ways Obama can't (i.e. war with Iran).

(In case you haven't guessed, I think these are 'selections' not 'elections')

The tightening of the race and the black box voting machines make a theft possible in ways it was not possible in '08. The chasm was too wide to cross in '08. Not so anymore. I've looked at all the press reports which make it genuinely appear to be a tossup.

Real Clear Politics is good for that:

Perfect setup for the Turd Sandwich.

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