Comment: Percy Schmeiser is my hero

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Percy Schmeiser is my hero

Substantial equivalence is a LIE. If it were equivalent, how can they receive a patent? For those arguing free market principles, GE food can not survive in a free market. They are rigging the market. They control the regulators, and the courts, and state and national legislatures, by threatening legal action, whenever and wherever there are initiatives to bring their products into the light of day. I wrote the Governor of Vermont, and he replied that the state couldn't afford legal battles with Monsanto, so they killed the labeling initiative in Vermont. They threatened Percy's bank(!), and the bank rolled over. Close Percy's account or we withdrawal all of our money nationwide. Their science is fraudulent. Their legal standing is based on fraud. Monsanto is a racket, and this whole ugly, corporate-crazed experiment with the food is going on in your belly.