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Use quotes

"I want to say I am sorry, but I feel it would sound trite because I have gone on and on defending myself without thinking about how I may have made you feel when you felt I was accusing you of selling evil plans. And now I feel sorry for doing that."

I did not. The Dictator is the guy you call OP, and dictation is not bad, but it is not discussion. Which do you prefer?

You discuss.

No question about that in my mind.

Sometimes the subject matter appears (to me) to close your mind up like a bear trap.

That does not turn you into a dictator, as far as I can tell.

No, I did not call you a dictator. If you think I did, then use quotes, and we can both know where that idea originated.

"Maybe I would like the opportunity to say something nice back to you. Maybe I would like to make you smile."

I paid my homage to the forum operator. I have my own forum. You don't like my forum. You like this one, better than I do, so why would I fawn over this forum operator, because you ask me too?

I can, but you may not get exactly what you think you will get when you send me on an errand.

"Does it require too much concentration to talk to me? Is the cost more than the power returned?"

The subject matter requires careful thinking, from many angles of view, and I appreciate help in finding new angles of view, from which to carefully look at the subject matter.

You put up with me too, as we concentrate on the subject matter.

Does that make sense?

"Does it require too much concentration to talk to me? Is the cost more than the power returned?"

Understanding is worth more than gold or silver, is that not a shared benefit, is that not power returned for almost no cost - relatively speaking?

"I rather not have the sound of silence after being called a dictator. Maybe I am. Maybe I am fooling myself. Maybe you are not fooled. Maybe our discussion has turned into gibberish."

The rubber meets the road at the point where you either do or you do not think in terms of things being accountable for actions done by people. That infection proliferates our culture, it stands to reason that I still suffer from it, as do you, so the possible point of contention, meeting the BRICK WALL might be that specific infection and it may be infecting you. I prefer to know better if it is infecting me - still.

"A marketing strategy of sorts? I have signed on in spirit you know."

There is much that you share in those words with Howard Bloom, but you may not want to have anything to do with Howard Bloom because of his religious angle of view - which I don't even know, since the subject matter was specifically not religion when I read or talked to Howard Bloom. Howard Bloom sells ideas, that is his business, and he is very good at it.

"Those were my thoughts. I consider you a friend, so I felt free to express them. I can be guarded and not express my thoughts."

Friends can always be friends, this is serious business to me, if the point about being infected with an idea that things can be accountable for actions done by people is not infecting you, then that can be understood by both of us, eventually.