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I've been thinking about this

I have not voted yet. I went to my GOP headquarter's for the first time since they opened. I had said at the last meeting that I would help, and asked for a schedule, but I didn't get one, nor an email or a phone call, and I'm thinking.. I worked realy hard to get Ron Paul the nomination, that's why I'm doing any of this, and he didn't get the nomination, and yet, I've got a county GOP committee seat, and I've show up to all the meetings but one, mostly as a quest, they appointed me a seat last August and I will assume my elected by default seat in January.. they have not taken me up on any of my offers, and to me, it's their loss, so I laid back.. yet, when the GOP senator candidate came to town I did go to the luncheon, and I did ask Emken what she had to offer us other than "She's not Diane Feinstein".

As nice as Emken is, and maybe she's qualified.. she's lucky Feinstein doesn;t debate her.. but the shame is, "CA doesn't have anyone to compete with Feinstein?" This is the best the GOP can do?

Let me say, the short time I was at the headquarters today, I enjoyed it. I like and admire the Chair, Stan Anderson.. we may not agree on some issues, but I admire him and think I'm lucky to know him and have him as my chiar. I can see that I have a future, which I never had as a LP member or an Indy.

My reasoning in voting Romney have evolved from keeping my loyalty oath I took when I agreed to serve on the committee as an lected for two years, accepting Ron Paul did not win the nomination, to trying to find what is good about Romney over Obama.

St first I was thinking that as Ron paul Republicans, it would be better to have Romney because then, like a rEVOLution within the GOP we can work to keep out party/ourselves to the constitution, restoring the Republic.. Romney is a flip floper, so if we pressure our fellow elected party members with resolutions and at conventions, then maybe this is a good thing.. maybe we can come up with someone who can replace Feinstein? Though here in CA, that could be another Democrat.

Then I heard that CA had become one of the 10 states, Democratic Party controlled by coincidense, that will count Ron Paul write-in votes.. and I thought.. gee.. I could do that.. but truth is, I couldn't. Ron Paul gave us the message, Restore the Republic.. and so now I am doing that as best as I can in the GOP, which Romney, who deserves to be held accountable to the constitution as he held us accountable to the loyalty oaths of the party and his shenanigans.. I'm voting Romney, I want him to win, I want us to write respiltutions to the house and I think we need to take the GOP as Ron Paul is still a Republican, like Rand..

As for judging people.. This will be my first major party candidate vote.. I've always voted, "the man", "my conscious", and after decades of watching things get progressively worse.. I appreciate Ron Paul inviting me to join the GOP.. I never thought I would be a Republican.. it has not been easy,, but I can see, we are the future.