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Skippy d, you have it backwards.

fox19 is not owned by FOX network, they are an affiliate station:

"In the broadcasting industry (especially in North America), a network affiliate (or affiliated station) is a local broadcaster which carries some or all of the television program or radio program line-up of a television or radio network, but is owned by a company other than the owner of the network. This distinguishes such a television station or radio station from an owned-and-operated station (O&O), which is owned by its parent network."

fox19 Cincinnati is owned by Raycom Media. As you can see, Raycom owns several local stations across the country. All those local stations are affiliated with a network -CBS, ABC, FOX or other- they carry some or all of the networks programming but are not owned by the network.

It is only fair to encourage fox19 and Raycom with our traffic since they are doing a good job reporting FACTS. Youtube is owned by Google and all our traffic would profit them, primarily.

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