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Comment: Why can't we trust them?

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Why can't we trust them?

We can't trust Iran because we are on the offense. Everything they do or promise to do is suspect simply because we are the world's bully. We can't afford to trust anyone on that front.

The only way to change it so we are able to trust is to bring all our troops home and be a strong defense.

Offense - can't afford to trust
Defense - can trust because it doesn't matter if they lie.

The United States is able to blow our world into oblivion about 500 times. Any country that would attack us would be signing their death warrant, yet with our footprints around the world someone is going to attack us through desperation.

Remember our government is not run by the president, by congress or by the justice system. It is run by the FEDs and they care nothing for human life. They are only after power and a one world order.