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Lots of ways to try to accomplish this task

I have for several years done a similar thing by using only half dollar and dollar coins (and smaller of course) instead of dollar bills. The problem is that usually there is only a few seconds to make an impression, and I find this works best personally. When I briefly mention that I go to extra effort to get halves so that I can show how, back when there was real money, the half was 2 times as big as a quarter, and 5 times as big as a dime. Then, I mention that at today's prices, this coin if silver instead of copper and nickel would be about $ 11, or roughly whatever it happens to be at the time, but that it is only the money that is worth less, as it still buys about the same amount in terms of loaves of bread or gallons of milk as it did 50 years ago. Only sometimes will you get much further on a first conversation with somebody. But, it is impressive how many more people understand this right away than did just about 5 or 6 years ago when I started this.