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I saw in a 1/2 hr. DVD documentary

"Overview of America" by the John Birch Society that mostly everyone believes in capitalism. The difference in a socialist or communist country vs. a free country is OWNERSHIP of the capitol. If individuals own and control it, we would call that free enterprise. Communism is more honest because they both own and control it whereas fascism is more subtle by controlling it and letting the "owners" foot the bill - investing, work hard believing they own it - but if they don't pay their taxes or stay current on some business regulations, they're in trouble. So technically since we are regulated within an inch of our lives, America doesn't truly have free enterprise anymore.

The entire documentary is excellent, from free markets to political systems-very concisely defined in understandable terms. I highly recommend passing it on to those in that age category.

Here's a link Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3: