Comment: A bunch of our family and friends are

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A bunch of our family and friends are

voting for the Lesser of two evils and if our 7 yr. old, 4 yr. old and 2 1/2 yr old knew, they'd be absolutely shocked to find out anyone they knew was voting for Mitt Romney. (Write-ins count in WI and they can't imagine why anyone wouldn't vote for Ron Paul, (they often chant "Ron Paul Revolution; give us back our Constitution!" even the toddler.

Its nice to get on here as a breath of fresh air and see that there are others holding the line, being principled and teaching their children to do the same! Good for you! God bless you!

As a side-note, have you all noticed that the Lesser of two evils is an entrapped circle? The reason people say they have to vote for the lesser evil is because only Romney or Obama will be president. But the reason only one of them will be president is because they are voting for the lesser evil and it goes on and on every election cycle. The only way to break it is exactly what we here are doing. Go patriots! And may these precious children grow up in a free country!