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Comment: This whole issue is a matter

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This whole issue is a matter

This whole issue is a matter of trust. We want to know that the food we eat is what we want it to be, or at least what we are lead to believe it is. How do we make the determination? Short of acquiring the skills necessary to test the food ourselves, we can ideally either grow it ourselves, or have a personal relationship to the producer. If that fails then we must rely on someone else's judgement. Again, it's a matter of trust. We must trust the person or entity we are relying upon for whatever answer we are seeking. Why can't independent certifiers fulfill that role until we shift back toward locally produced food? Unlike the government, at least the free market has an expedient way to deal with independent certifiers who break our trust - and with no force at all. What has the government done lately to earn your trust? What can we do about the fact that the government broke our trust long ago? We can fire them. If not outright, we can stop giving them legitimacy by asking them for things. We can ignore them to the best of our abilities, and learn to take care of ourselves.

Are you really willing to say that the consumer has no way of finding out that a product is what he wants it to be, or at least what he is lead to believe it is, without the help of government? Are you really arguing that none of us are capable of being adults, and are forevermore condemned to be as children, with the government as our protector and guardian? I thought this movement was about empowering ourselves to be strong and self-reliant complete human beings, to turn away from force (except in defense of our life liberty and property, and when all other avenues are exhausted), and voluntarily associate as we see fit. If you want good food, why not devote energy to joining or even starting a food coop instead of asking the government for this that or the other. This will do double duty by depriving Monsanto of revenues. If everyone did this, factory farming and its inhumane practices would wither away in general.