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It will deflate the unholy

alliance the GE companies have with government. It's a regulation aimed at corrupt market distorters, just like RP says he wants the regulations on the Federal Reserve.

There is an ingredients list on every grocery store item. This is a simple addition to the list. Your product has carbohydrates? Vitamin C? High Fructose Corn Syrup? Made in a facility that processes nuts? Contains patented life forms?

There is an actual war being conducted by the Federal government on small farms. The FBI is literally staking out and raiding small farms with SWAT teams, weapons drawn, over raw milk. That probably sounds crazy. Here's a documentary showing SWAT raids on sheep farms, with a Ron Paul interview near the end:

The Farm Bill that Congress passes every year completely dominates the ground rules for agricultural markets in the United States. There couldn't be a more politically manipulated economic environment than American agriculture. A farmer's profit is largely determined by what's in the farm bill.

Labeling for GMOs is like adding an asterisk. Why the politically charged, multi-million dollar media battle? Because there are 100's of billions of dollars at stake, for government and industry, in keeping people ignorant of what they are eating, and ever more control of Agricultural markets and regulatory levers.

Label them, and bring in some sunshine? The beast that runs the FDA will wither. People don't want to eat frankenfood. Look into Michael Taylor, Obama's head of the FDA. It's just such an ugly story of conflicts of interest and gross manipulation on behalf of industry, in direct conflict with free markets and the interests of citizens. A little information to the public could have a powerful impact on correcting endemic corruption in the billions per year, in a market that is determined by politics, and intimate to your health.