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My latest Facebook post

The Kill List is a list of people that the executive branch has designated for assassination. I am not surely how any "law" could be more immoral. The NDAA, National Defense Authorization Bill, as of January 1, 2012, has given the power to the executive branch to indefinitely detain anyone. In both cases, the bills were passed because it gives the executive branch more power and less hassles of due process to target potential terrorist threats to the nation, as determined by the executive branch and coordinated intelligence gathering. These are the two most strikingly unconstitutional provisions that are the sequels to the Patriot Act. I hope people realize that the war on terror is not a war with an end. There will always be people who want to see America fall, especially due to the very actions taken by the executive branch to fight this war, namely, drone assassinations and the collateral damage that comes along with it. According to Osama bin Laden, the reason he terrorized Americans was due to the occupation of Saudi Arabia holy ground. Since our foreign policy involved policing the world and nation-building, arguably we have made less friends with the world and more enemies. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. This is a Scriptural, undeniable truth. We cannot assassinate, torture, occupy, intimidate, and bully our way out of the truth. So when you vote this November 6, first recognize exactly what you are saying "yes" to. Bush Patriot Act, Obama NDAA. If regular Americans do not speak up, do not complain when the above powers are abused. And I would argue that they already have been abused with the indiscriminate collateral damage and even the targeted killing of a 16 year old American city who happened to be the son of a bad father.