Comment: 5% is huge!

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5% is huge!

5% means the Libertarian candidate would qualify for matching federal funds. 5% would be enough that the MSM would be under greater pressure to include the Libertarian in the debates...and that is HUGE!

I remember the 92 selection very well. I was a neocon and voted for Bush 1, believing that voting for Perot would elect Clinton. At one point, Perot, Bush 1, and Clinton were in a three way dead heat...all over them in the 30% range. Then Perot dropped out. I think he was going to win. He was surging.

funny thing, I am no longer a neocon. I became "aware" I was cured in 2003. 9 years sober. But my best friend that begged me to vote for today a neocon. Loved GW and is voting Rmoney.