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Such good points

The patents have got to go. We should re-frame the debate? No corporate patents on life forms? Percy makes an interesting distinction, calling plants higher life forms. There are genetic manipulations of bacteria to produce energy, that are some of the most promising crude oil substitutes. Where's the line?

How do you get around that people need to know what their eating using a free market argument? There's something unaddressed in that confusion. I think you're pointing in the right direction.

Copyrights have a time limitation. Ownership of subsequent generations of life in perpetuity? And of any organism to take in the dna? How does the free market avoid the nightmare of that model without some legal guidance, and with a public in the dark, even as they chew on it and swallow? Some researchers claim dna moves from GE corn to gut bacteria. Does an ownership interest follow? Terrible, terrible decision from the patent office.