Comment: Education of our Next Generation

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Education of our Next Generation

I am a public school teacher, had been teaching for more than 8 years. My wife taught both in private and public school as well. We homeschool all our children plus some relatives. We will never place them into any government school that's built on God-less secular humanistic philosophies. We may decide to send some of them to private schools that are Biblical based as they grow older.

Our next generation is placed in our care, not in the secular government's care. If we as parents abdicates that right, we have given them to the government, and the government will teach them and mold them as it sees fit. And socialism is just one way to achieve total control of the people. So we are seeing the fruits of generations of socialists/state-ists' hard work. Since the advent of public schools, it has been more than 100 years now. John Dewey would've been proud of what they have achieved over the years.

For us, it will take one family, and one child at a time. Quit public schools, vote against them, de-fund them, remove our children from them. Do whatever we can to educate our children ourselves. This, in time, may turn the tide. However, the question is, how much time do we have? Have we past the point of no return? Unfortunately, I believe we already did.