Comment: My take on this whole hurricane...

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My take on this whole hurricane...

Referred by a fellow DP'er I checked out a map on and noticed HAARP readings off the chart in NJ/NY area (+10!) before the hurricane actually hit. Currently the readings are still high but well under 9.

Now I was looking at the gas temperature maps over at:
And I noticed NJ had high prices relative to the rest of the country. That's unusual since NJ is known for having cheap gas (and you don't have to pump it either :). Also the entire midwest was green indicating cheaper prices.

I believe supplies are not reaching the northeast d/t the hurricane damages and those surpluses have been re-routed to the midwest causing excess supply and thus cheaper prices. Obama will easily win NY/NJ and is getting cheap gas to places he's heavily campaigning--Ohio!

In my opinion, this whole scenario was done by design.