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talking out both sides of his mouth:

This OP:

"He also advocates a less interventionist foreign policy, keeping the military out of other countries unless they attack the United States and promising to bring a speedy end to the nation’s presence in Afghanistan."


"On April 9, 2012, Johnson told The Daily Caller that while he would withdraw military forces, he would not rule out putting U.S. military bases in Afghanistan."

Will the real Gary Johnson please stand up!?

Speedy end to our presence in Afghanistan... or permanent military bases? Which is it? He's said both...

"I hate drones.. but I'm going to leave them on the table" -- specifically for Yemen and Pakistan... two countries we are not at war with.

Mitt at least waits a year or more to flip-flop. Gary Johnson does it in a matter of days sometimes... speed flip-flopper. :p

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