Comment: Paranoia runs deep.

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Paranoia runs deep.

Hope everyone gives for this effort!
BUMP and vote up.
I gave money to the cause for labeling from that site.-
I buy products from the site. Into 'natural' and 'organic"
My charge on my card was stopped.
The fraud dept of my Credit card left a message on my cell a day later that I had unusual , "suspicious" activity.
[ Insert here: Have given money from Politics, organic issues, environmental issues and to animal cruelty. ORGANIC and political are the two most frequent. Not a big sum but felt if everyone did their part, it would at least help. None were 'suspicious' Money is given to senate races in other states. and with RP, the most sustained and large amounts ever. Never was even one of those considered 'suspicious' though the amounts were quite a bit larger]
Of the three cards I have, it's normal to have from 200 to 1,000 in charges on that one by the end of the month. Total of my bill so far [this billing cycle just started and all cards are paid in full every month, paying no interest.] was $62. First they said they had stopped the use of my card because of suspicious activity ....WHAT?... I asked what charge was suspicious? Yep, of 2 charges, it was the one for labeling GMO's. The organization even has 'ORGANIC' in their title, nothing new here. I laughed and repeated the name of the 'suspicious' charge, then was told it was the other charge. [one that is small and is an auto pay every month]They would restart my card availability *soon. SOON? That sounded strange, not immediately? I asked about that and was told I should still use the card, what was charged would be paid. A short 'hold' on payment is just temporary. Is that the norm? I think not. Humm......since the money is needed for ads BEFORE election, *how many others have experienced this who gave to the franken food labeling? Don't think my small donation will make or break the outcome but if doing it to a lot of people's donations? Would have an impact if they can hold up don't think they are in bed together do you? Want to know if I'm just being paranoid. Actually, in today's world who isn't?