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I have no idea

Maybe some trolls don't want anyone to view the video???
Beyond me. As everyone knows I was always Ron Paul or not at all.
I campaigned non-stop for Ron Paul since 2007 at two of the area gun shows every month, the local street fairs, the county fair...etc.
I had to helplessly stand by and witness our local TEA party get TEA-o-connned while fighting desperately to educate the unknowing as to what was happening to their "patriot" organization. All the while making friends and some enemies along the way. That's just how it goes I guess.
I voted for Chuck Baldwin in 2008 only because Ron Paul did endorse him. Which I do not expect an outright endorsement from Ron for anyone this time, and respect his decision for that. But Ron Paul has all but come right out and endorse Gary, and leads one to believe that he is going to vote for Gary Johnson.
So WHAT UP people?
Or don't you have any hair back there?