Comment: Stossel went out and bought a $30 AA-powered flashlight

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Stossel went out and bought a $30 AA-powered flashlight

after the storm and had a guy on who discussed why price gouging isn't necessarily a bad thing. I was a bit dubious before the segment aired, but I think it made sense in the end.

Basically we've got business owners who were, most likely, equally effected by the storm. Like the good Judge says, if you can't make coffee with water from the tap, making coffee from bottled water without raising the price just means you don't make money. If you don't make money, why are you open? If you can't earn enough to restore your business or pay for your hotel or get your basement pumped, what's the point of even opening? If you can't sell your flashlight for more than normal, how in the hell are you supposed to get more shipped to your store with the state the roads are in?

It forces a business into not being able to be responsible for itself. Should anyone who's able to get to work and asks their boss for a bonus or an advance be fined too? They're doing the same thing, aren't they? Gouging by wanting more money for the same service.