Comment: This election is over

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This election is over

Guys, this election is over. At least for me. Write in Ron Paul or Vote Gary Johnson, they're both good options.

My heart, my passion, heck my money went with Ron Paul, but in the end, I voted for Gary Johnson. I do not have the passion for Johnson, that I do for Paul, but there was no real national write-in campaign, and Dr. Paul did not call for it. If but for a second I thought 10...20..30 million people were actually gonna write in Ron Paul, i'd be all over it. I do think that getting the Libertarian Party their 5% is a worthy cause. It may not end the two party system, but I think it's a good thing. Perhaps between the GOP infiltration by liberty, small (r) republicans and a much larger Libertarian party, we can overthrow the establishment?

Anyways, intelligent dialogue between the Johnson and Paul folk is one thing, the bickering and name calling nonsense is another. Neither candidate is going to win. Don't you all realize that TPTB love that we and fractured and divided? We better think way, way past this garbage election, unite around some common causes, continue waking people up and keep the revolution....the rebellion...the resistance alive.