Comment: People rag on the Mormons a lot

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People rag on the Mormons a lot

Arguing Romney's donations to them aren't actually charitable or were simply to get out of taxes, things like that. I beg to differ. These people have "go out of your way to help people" burned into their brains more than almost any other group. They have like 350 missions across the world, and while I would argue against the merits of pushing your religion unto others, they've probably built more freshwater wells, schools and hospitals in undeveloped countries and gotten more food and medicine to disaster victims than any group of naysayers.

This couple is a good example of what Mormons are willing to give.

There's plenty of other reasons to hate Romney, complaining about donating to a group that does an entirely better job of responding and actually using the money to help the needy than the government ever could on it's best day, instead of giving that money to a bunch of bureaucrats that waste it either willfully or through inefficiency is just nuts.