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You're a good guy and all that jazz...I really have no beef with you. In fact, I want to thank you for before the primaries.

Ron Paul is unique. But there ARE others like him. Justin Amash, for one. And, you guys are pulling for Rupert, I HOPE.

I know first hand the frustration that you have with others supporting romney, I was caught up in that when we needed them most. Same scenario applies here.

In a perfect world with bunnies and butterflies I might agree with your post above. GJ may be for you, but he is not for me. Some of his policy perpetuates what I oppose, for starters. For this movement to succeed, we MUST show cohesion, now and later. To get back to the point of bunnies and butterflies, there is reason we elect a president. It is to hopefully elect 'some ONE' who holds our values to our nation and our citizens. Otherwise, the point of presidency becomes moot. In order to fulfill that task, there are times when we all must unite behind that person. The person chosen for this task was Ron Paul, NOT GJ. Therefore, I feel that we must complete this task before moving on to the next.

There. I got that off of my chest. Rather than give me half of a peace sign, I hope to see you again soon (there's a Campaign for Liberty booth set up this weekend). If you aren't whipped from this election and still have a pulse, I will need your help again. Things are streamlined now, we can work smarter, quicker, and behind the scenes. I have a select group of people who will NOT turn their backs. I hope that you remain one of them. 2016 will NOT be a replay of 2008 or 12, or I will have something else beside half of a peace sign to show.

You can be tough and still have a heart. That's what wins things.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul