Comment: Why Do People Resist Exercising...Mentally?

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Why Do People Resist Exercising...Mentally?

Somehow, I missed this post and would have liked very much to be offered more "mental exercises" to stimulate critical (and logical) thinking especially in these critical times.

If you see this post and attempt at revival OP, is there a 1% (what percentage would you put on it) of people who understand that although it is a gradual fix, teaching people to think logically and critically by presenting "real time" examples like yours above is the only route toward real change? Might add that while your example hardly bringgs about peace of mind, it restores sanity to what increasingly appears to be an insane world.

If the plantation owners represent only 1%, do we have even 1% left who are willing to take their choices to logical conclusions or is reality too difficult of a pill to swallow?

The lack of response to this post on this blog is disheartening to me. And, yet, every day I recognize more and more real thinkers (some upfront and many who remain semi-anonymous) who have the knowledge, background and commitment to dedicate much of their careers to educating the masses. You are probably one of them. Is there a belief in a critical mass level if enough rafters are shaken?

I for one would appreciate more mental exercises. At some point for all awakened survivors, there is no choice but reality. The next choice becomes clearly what you have indicated or to live in anger and bow to futility. Perhaps we have to look at a yardstick beyond the blink of our lifetimes and work toward a continuum through education in a positive direction.