Comment: this is why every house should have a fire place

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this is why every house should have a fire place

If all else fails you can use it to cook food, boil water, heat your house or even at least a room. There is stuff to burn all over and if you run our of the normal wood and paper you can resort to burning up all that crap taking up space in your house that you don't really need.

Neighbors need to pull together and keep each other warm. Men and Women need to pull together in this crisis and help the weaker ones.

We used to store food
We used to store firewood
We used to have our own sources for water
We used to be able to hunt and carry a gun (big cities you can't)
We used to know how to start a fire and keep it going all day long
we used to know how to cook over a fire
We used to know how to make a temporary shelter if needed

The citizens of this country know less than an 8 year old 100 years ago. We have become on the whole a soft jelly like species who in a world wide crisis would flop over and just die.

This is why big cities are the worst places to live and grow up. And this is why you have to teach your kids survival skills just as you would teach them cooking and how to change a tire.