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Isn't staying in the GOP despite Romney, conviction in action?

You never saw a place on a ballot to vote a message and yet you see so many people here voting to send a message..writing in Ron Paul isn't to win.. it's to send a message. It's like rather than being the message in the GOP, you send a message to the GOP from your voting booth.

I think voting the person is what promary elections are all about, general election is about the party because parties have many special interests that need to come together despite the person who was nominated.. I'm seeing it in my GOP. Sudddenly everyone knows my name and I'm a friend.. why? Because they assume to feel as they know I should feel after what they did.. they really don't like Romney, but sure as hell not going to vote Obama, though he may be a nicer person. General Elections are beyond people.. now it's about which corporations are going to get the MIC contracts, not the person.