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It's sad that a post like

It's sad that a post like this gets so many downvotes nowadays. I don't participate in bashing anyone who wants to vote GJ or RP, but I'm considering leaving this site altogether because of all the hateful people who have taken it over and just go around downvoting everything and insulting everyone.

What's going on is these people here who love the idea of an enemy to fight, so they try to find a group of enemies here where they should be among friends. When people try to engage them honestly, all they do is ignore the question and make a comeback to "get" the other guy. It's the exact same as the people in the major two parties attacking the other side without even acknowledging any points being made or realizing that they're 90% the same as the other side.

And I don't mean just die-hard RP supporters, and there's nothing wrong with being one. There are others here who do the same.