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A Humane Economy

I'm more of a fan of Austrian Economist, Wilhelm Ropke's A Humane Economy and a Switzerland type Confederacy than Libertarianism. With a dash of ideas from GK Chesterton's Distributism. Two issues I will not compromise, gun ownership and pro-life. I despise neocons and socialist liberals.

The Federal government must be Libertarian... if you want government services they must be at the local level, state or ideally county.

State governments can be reformed. The best plan I've read is from Boston Tea Party's Molon Labe. A state only needs say a 100 representative and one body of government, no gerrymandering. You want a seat in government, get a qualified number of signatures before a certain date and you're in. Then have an election day, where those who didn't sign a petition are able to vote for one of candidates already seated. The highest vote candidate then gets a higher proportional vote in government. Say a candidate receives 30% of the vote. That candidate's vote on legislation then counts for 30%. The highest vote getter would basically serve the function of governor.

The system, in case of a tie, would have no run off elections, because the candidates are already seated. Everyone would have a voice because instead of a candidate wining by 52% and the other candidate losing by 48%. The voters would still have a representative with a proportional legislative vote of 48%.

If it's confusing read Molon Labe, it's a very good book even though it's fiction, it has real world solutions.