Comment: The Uglier Truth about the Libertarian Party....

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The Uglier Truth about the Libertarian Party....

Media smear after media smear, Libertarians have been painted as a bunch of irrelevant, pacifist, pot-smoking hippies that are only interested in legalizing drugs, it took Ron Paul switching parties and a history of predictions that came true before some Republicans finally started listening to the Libertarian message.

The sad results is these same Republicans don't view Libertarians as allies, rather, a lesser class that is trying to ride the coat tail popularity of their own message. Some Republicans have discovered true liberty and now own the patent. Libertarians that have been preaching that message for decades are now a distraction and are being treated by Liberty Republicans with the same detesting smugness that the GOP treated them.

Unfortunately, they demand perfection and willing to sacrifice any step toward liberty unless their demands are met without compromise.

R.I.P. Liberty.