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what do you expect?
1) Public schools
2) Media influence
3) "Child centered" parenting
4) Breakdown of the family.

Yes parents, we are to blame as well. I'm old enough to have a child in this age range (I'm 42 - my oldest is 13) and have many neices and nephews in this age range and most of them are narcissistic brats. They've been given everything they've wanted their whole life and told they "deserve" it by the government, the media and good old mom and dad have reinforced this notion at home. Why on earth would they want to get their hands dirty and (gasp) actually earn something when there's always been someone to hand it to them if they whine loud enough. So, of course, socialism sounds good to them.

Just my opinion.

How to Raise a Loser in Life

"If a parent wants to raise a child who is self-centered, uncaring, unable to take care of himself, and most likely to fail as an adult, just do the following:

1. Give the child everything he wants, let him do whatever he wishes whenever he wishes, but, of course, only after you have first said no and he has whined or thrown a temper tantrum.

2. Whenever he is accused of wrongdoing, always refuse to believe it; accuse others of picking on him and defend him at all costs.

3. Don't give him any responsibilities. Do everything for him. This way he'll expect the world owes him a living.

4. Don't worry about commitments to others. Whenever you or your child change your mind, that's okay."