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"Monsanto has a patent on

"Monsanto has a patent on these products/seeds. They have a patent on living organisms. This is wrong on so many levels."
Are Monsanto the only people being targeted by Prop 37? No. Prop 37 would allow me to get in trouble with the authorities for doing either of the below things:
- Selling a GMO without labeling it
- Calling my GMOs 'natural'

Now, everyone on here is strongly against arresting someone for selling weed grown in their backyards. Most people here are against arresting someone for selling coca or opium grown in their backyards. But you're totally okay with some guy getting arrested for growing GMOs. That's really bad.

"You may disagree with the tactic. You may say the effort should be aimed at repealing the patents at the federal level, and forcing Monsanto to play by free market rules. I agree with that, too."

So you admit you're willing to compromise on this and go with the Dem/Green position. Heck, why don't we go with the Dem/Green view on financial regulation too and back Dodd-Frank? After all, we aren't free anyway as some of the people hurt by it will be the big Fed-backed corporations! Yeah, the effort should be aimed at auditing and ending the Fed. But we can't right now, so we'll do the next best thing! :facepalm:

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