Comment: Yes, FEMA was created to implement totalitarian "continuity"

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Yes, FEMA was created to implement totalitarian "continuity"

of government.

It does not exist to aid or help anyone. It's sole mission is to see to it that the powers of government - incapable of annihilation - do not fall back to the People as they should, but rather remain in the hands of some agency which would presumably re-constitute an official government apparatus after the emergency was over.

It's mission assumes that individuals are completely helpless and incompetent, and that there is no civilian local government at all.

When a governor declares a "state of emergency" and requests federal assistance, they are legally saying that the State government is either not competent to deal with the situation, or they are "overwhelmed" and incapable of doing so. And not just in some degree, but entirely.

I'm not blowing smoke here. This is why if a governor does not declare such an emergency early enough, federal help will NOT be there.

That is why the only thing they know how to do is take over everything and make it FUBAR. All of their training is based on moving into a vacuum. The problem is, since their creation there has never been a vacuum in emergency situations. And there likely never will be. The assumption for their creation as an agency was flawed from the start.