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Thanks Josf

...great points for him to consider if he gets the "con" side!

He actually has reversed himself and through Wolfe's suggestion sees a challenge and a way out in the event he draws "pro." It is a very difficult proposition in scholastic debate to draw a side that you are totally against. And, yet...what better way to learn how to defend your beliefs than by being forced into stepping (for one debate) into the shoes of the 1% who make these immoral decisions and then sell them into the masses.

He now sees the possibility, given pro, of presenting "the deciders" case with such clarity (media sell-in lies) and conviction (their selfish convictions) that he sows seeds for its destruction and at the same time "presents" the best case and "wins" the debate. It would be a win/win allowing him to be true to himself while learning the not so fine art of debate based on fallacies.

His other choice would be to quit debate class and that is not an option! We are slowly raising a generation of thinkers in some of the home rather than government schooling programs.