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yes I am doing this now

Am I perfectly ready? no but I don't know many who know everything there is to know. I'm always trying to be in a better situation and have better skills. I learned to can food, to garden, hydroponics, forage food and about a multitude of other things I won't bore you with.

Actually to be honest with you, I have been learning about survival my whole life. Wanted to be a boyscout but they wouldn't let me as I was a female so.... Girl scouts was a watered down craft class. I think because my father died when I was very young I always felt the need to know how to get along on my own in case my mother died too.

So...yes I do all of this now. And my house has a fireplace and I have wood stored up. I'm not from the U.P. But it gets pretty cold here as well. This Thanks Giving think about those Pilgrims and how cold and harsh their first winter was. Many in New York are getting a taste of that now.