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Liberty oriented people

I would have to say study more and you may find that the opinions of "they" mean very little to those who are sure enough to stand alone in a sea of ignorance. I only realized who Paul was in late 07 when the hypocritical Mark Levin was calling him a kook. Then I saw one of Paul's speeches about the constitution and realized that he was making perfect sense and was definitly not a kook. Then I realized that he was in fact a threat to consolidated power bases everywhere. Some time later, I realized that the two party system was actually one that acts soley to benefit certain connected industries with the most influential lobbyists. This is the main reason both sides dislike him so much. Earlier this year I realized that this idea of individual liberty was bigger than one man and that people everywhere need this awareness. So the folks who think Ron Paul is a cult are the same folks who never question authority or think for themselves. They feed the very system of wasteful consumption and irresponsibility that is both devaluing our personal wealth and polluting our environment. They ridicule anyone who thinks deeply about authoritarian style atrocities or criticizes the connections of the industrial government complexes for things like maintaining a state of perpetual war or why they keep feeding us fluoride made from fertilizer waste. No single person can stem this tide of stupidity currently being played out as a fixed election. It must come from thousands of people who work at the local levels in the lowest of positions who have a will to preserve personal liberty and expand the knowledge of things the establishment didn't want to have us know. We all know Gary Johnson nor Ron Paul will be president. It will be one of the two zeros. There is no choice. Do you want wheat or rye on your crap sandwich? Defiently voting for your personal choice will allow you to sleep better but unfortunately will not change anything. I say vote your conscience and be happy. However, search out and talk to local level people who support liberty and work to help them and educate them in any way you can. Teach them about hemp. Teach them about Monsanto. Teach them about the fed. Above all teach them by example and be a good human at all times.