Comment: The democratic premise is.

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The democratic premise is.

That the majority decides. But as we can clearly see, the majority almost always chooses to abstain which indicates that either the office is not important enough to vote for, the proposed candidates are not fit, or their is active opposition to the election on principle. Hence, No President wins.

How few people is acceptable to decide for the rest of us? How few people would it take to elect a president for you to say, "Oh, now that's just ridiculous."

50%, 25%, 10% of the population?
1 Vote?

If the majority was truly in control, most elected offices would have disappeared decades ago. It is interesting to note, that as the system shifted into a pure two party duopoly, the turnouts and election support has generally declined.

I would almost be willing to bet, that those that did win an election, even compared to No President, are likely to be minimal government presidents. But I haven't done all of the research on that to say one way or another.

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