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I agree that more

I agree that more "government" is not the answer. But this website is advocating having GMO food products labeled in California, which would result in "more government." It would result in companies that sell harmful, genetically modified products to label so the consumer can make more knowledgeable choices about their food.

Its a state decision. Voting NO would only keep things exactly the same in terms of how Monsanto and other food chemical companies operate. In the end, this is what state sovereignty is all about. California is a massive state, therefore, if they required companies to label GMO products, which is easily 80% of typical grocery store products, that would be a massive road block for these companies. They would either stop using GMO's or label them, which could hurt their public image. If the average consumer see's GMO, then they will shy away from that product in most cases, putting these government dependent companies in a pickle.

Thats why I support this measure... you might call it more government, but the TRUE monopolized government aspect of this has already been in place for years, and thats GMO food. Most of the food we eat or is at least available to us at the grocery store is made with government subsidized corn. Monsanto is a very powerful company that spends more on lobbying than almost any other company because of this. Believe me, they are spending a lot of time and money fighting this measure, therefore, I think it the right thing to do as a step in the right direction... but the root is also connected mainly to the corn lobby.

I wouldn't support a national measure, but a state has the right to do this

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...