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Comment: I agree that policing has

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I agree that policing has

I agree that policing has become out of control (mainly in area of the war on drugs) but the reasons listed here are poor examples:

"Speeding tickets, parking tickets, tickets for proof of insurance, tickets for expired license plates, tickets for emissions – all of these are examples of law enforcement’s authority and power being used to levy fees and fines (revenue generation for the government) versus to protect people’s property."

Speeding tickes. I agree that cops all too often ticket people for minor (a couple mph over) speeding but you would have to agree that pulling over and ticketing speeders is necessary. There has to be some rules of the roadway and a means to enforce it. If anybody could travel at any speed they wanted with no repercussion there would be anarchy on the roadway. Stopping people from speeding and driving recklessly is protecting not just my life but also my vehicle.

Parking Tickets: Although a very broad example, isn't this in essence defending ones property rights.

Proof of Insurance: Who is going to pay the medical bills for "Johnny pedestrian" when "Johnny No Money/No Insurance" runs him over because he was speeding.

Tickets for expired license plates: If there is any true form of proper taxation, this is it. If you use it, you should pay for it...If you dont use it, you shouldn't pay. The fees for registration (when properly spent) are supposed to go to funding the transportation system. If you dont pay your license plate renewal then you are in essence not paying taxes...the ones that are actually set up the way the tax system is supposed to work. Why should you be able to drive a vehicle on the road if your not going to help pay for that road? I guess I/we should be the only ones to pay that fee? There has to be a way to enforce that.

Tickets for emissions: You would have to agree that some emissions are harmful for the environment. Is enforcing that not protecting property rights...Should I not be able to breath clean air because you want to dive around with thick black smoke pouring out of your exhaust blinding the driver behind you?

Although these areas can be abuse by cops, like the way anything can be abused, I believe they are all necessary functions.