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I understand that sentiment, but I noted below (far below)

not long after this OP was posted that perhaps this will be used in conjunction with the Obamacare decision to expose just how limited both Obamacare and the Income Tax really are.

Roberts didn't really say Congress can make ANYONE and EVERYONE participate in commerce.

He said they can tax people MORE for not doing something. But he didn't expand WHO they can tax or what the basis of the original tax is.

Thus if the "mandate" is merely a surtax upon income, then not everyone is mandated to purchase insurance. Its just that if you owe income taxes, and you don't purchase insurance, you'll pay MORE income tax.

But Roberts said nothing about people who don't owe the income tax in the first place.

The law doesn't make people who otherwise don't owe the income tax, in any way liable for the mandate "tax" and there is no mechanism in the law to enforce the mandate upon them. The only enforcement mechanisms are based on filing income tax returns.