Comment: Those who stand for us are attacked

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Those who stand for us are attacked

An officer Hunt in St Charles MO was just convicted of a felony and two misdemeanors because he violated an individual's rights. The Warren County Judge, Jury and officers from state police and other counties testified against him and proved that our Constitution is alive and well. But instead of being rewarded for doing what they had been sworn to do, the media and the St Charles chief of police and his officers and the media destroyed all of the individuals that had followed the rule of law. St Charles County even paid for all of Officer Hunts legal bills and Hunt is now appealing and the citizens will be paying for those attorney's bills also. The lesson is, IF YOU FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION AND RULE OF LAW you will be punished and your life will be miserable. The St Charles police dept and Hunt's friends are even having fundraising to help him and this convicted officer is STILL ON THE JOB! When an unprecidented case of an officer being convicted and sentenced for a crime the establishment and unions kick into full gear. THEY BELIEVE AN OFFICER IS ABOVE THE LAW! THIS is what our country is now, a pathetic police state with those who are trying to make it better condemned. Google the story "St Charles Officer Hunt convicted" and you will find the stories in the St Louis Post Dispatch and other papers. They even have a Facebook Page "Hunt for Justice". We need to stand behind the Sheriffs and officers that still believe in our rights under the Constitution.