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Listen, you can simplify my

Listen, you can simplify my position without even doing any research about the mesure all you want, i'm open for a discussion... but if you're just going to attack me and down vote without even thinking about what I said, then your just a babbling fool saying "No more big government", which is just too damn easy to say.

My position is I believe it states rights... This would never be an issue in the free market, but we dont have a free market and its an issue. Monsanto is arguably the most powerful company in the food industry through patents and other forms of unconstitutional intellectual property, and taking away that power away will not happen overnight, not unless YOU habe billions to spend on lobbying. Over 80% of food products, ALL soda made with HFCS, ALL CAFO meat production, fast food restaurants, dressings, sauces, chips, cereals, canned goods, frozen food, juice boxes, CHILD FOOD, peanut butter, etc. have this GMO crap in it and unless you independent research, which most people are too busy trying to survive to do, you dont know whats in what you purchase.

This all dependent on government subsidies and Monsanto Patents, its usually the cheapest, most nutrient defunct, downright unhealthy food one can purchase.... but its cheap so people buy it. This drives is the price of REAL food,. ie, meat, eggs, veggies, beans, nuts, etc. Voting yes on this measure in, yes, one of the most bureaucratic poorly run states, will provide consumers with more knowledge about what is available to them and will put pressure on these government dependent companies.

say what you want, you're entitled.... but your attitude will never result in anything more than pandering on the internet. Just because you support a state measure like this, doesn't mean you can't also address the fundamental fallacies of the distortion of the role of government and the larger issues with our food system. Thats what STATE government is all about... which Dr. Paul fully supports. Down playing different opinions, with a holier-than-thou attitude, without discussion is ignorant.

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...