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Look, I understand your

Look, I understand your position and the way you are justifying it. I was heading down a similar path until I discussed the measure with a friend who helped me work through the issues and make sure I was applying my libertarian beliefs consistently and without compromise. I have no idea what your beliefs are, whether you are a libertarian leaning Republican who believes in big government for some things and not others, or a card carrying Libertarian. However, I'm not going to get sucked into an adolescent level Internet argument with you over this. If you are going to call me "holier-than-thou" out one side of your mouth while lambasting me for not "having done any research about the measure" out the other (what do you know what I have or have not researched). We are done here. I think I've struck a cord with you here and given you something to think about. That is good enough for me.