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USAID - A Front for Neocon Hedgemony

go213mph, I was curious about your response regarding USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) so I looked up some of the links you posted in other comments you offered regarding USAID (thank you for doing that).

As it turns out USAID has been the recipient of much criticism since it was created by President Kennedy.

Although the agency's public face is depicted as "helping" other countries using the American people's money, its real purpose is the furtherance of U.S. foreign policy executed through the auspices of the U.S. State Department. In essence it acts as a front for U.S. Government political manipulation of other nation states and indoctrinate them through behavioral modification to ultimately surrender their sovereignty to our self-serving agenda.

Here are some examples:

In the country of Bolivia, President Bush used USAID to front money to alter the outcome of the political landscape in that country (see: )

The same modus operandi was used to subvert Venezuelan national politics (see: )

This agency is one of the strong arms of American politics that still believes in imperialism and colonialism. It will use bribery, blackmail, graft and even murder when necessary to achieve its end: world domination (see:



and ).

However, some countries such as Russia, are catching on and rejecting USAID, fully aware of their real purpose (see: ).

As long as the American people continue to ignore the federal government's machinations, we will be in danger to those foreign factions that will try to force an end to our meddling in other country's affairs by any means possible, including terrorism.