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If you're a parent, you

If you're a parent, you understand that children will get influence in all directions. It's just like peer pressure when they are teens. If the parents educate the children that certain controlled substances are dangerous, they'll use their own minds when they become adults whether they want to risk their health. But if you do nothing and allow others to influence your children, then they won't get enough information on their own to make wise decisions. The best thing is to teach her what is morally right, our history and why the Constitution is best at protecting our freedoms. If you don't at least give them a base to start out with, they will be filled with ignorance and lies. I was fortunate enough to have parents who told me in the 1970s, "Do not believe everything you see on tv." There are people today that are so ignorant that they think anything that comes through the airwaves is truth. I encourage my daughter to see the difference in what is propaganda and what is real. And I also tell her that with true Constitutional individual rights, no two people are going to be the same. We all have differences and it's not a bad thing. But I guess what I'm saying is if you don't say anything at all, they will soak up influence in places that we know are not healthy. When they grow up, those who were given different points of views will be better at making wise decisions.