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That is true. I live in a

That is true. I live in a major tornado zone. What we do is tell everyone to be prepared. Then when those who prepared lose everything, they get help from the community who don't become as affected by the disaster. The federal government is doing a disservice not telling people to prepare for anything. And when disaster hits, there will be many who can help. That's the way it happened here one year when my city was hit with an F-4 tornado. The churches/businesses, and individuals who were not hit had the resources to help others. They pooled their talents to do whatever was necessary to rebuild. It's hard but it builds integrity. There have been many people in this world who went through far worse than any of this. I've been recently reading about early Americans who traveled across this country with nearly nothing in poor conditions and they used their heads to survive. They made what they needed from what they found. They didn't sit around and wait for someone else to do it. When things fell apart, they had to be creative. Something has been lost in the spirit of Americans and I hope they can reach deep inside and get it back. I pray for all those affected by this disaster.