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Ron Paul 2012

I will vote for Texas Congressman Ron Paul , or I vote for NO ONE! All of us have been down that same old road in voting for what is offered to us instead of voting for who we the people truely perfer . I will No Longer play this pitiful game of voting for a ' lesser of 2 evils ' because people are realizing and waking up to the fact now that this country is ' ruled ' by a One Party Political System that goes by 2 names , republican and democrat . People in this country say that ' Corporations ' are controlling the system , but if you look at the fact that both the RNC and the DNC are ' Private ' organisations , or corporations , then it becomes clear that these political organisations/corporations don't care who their members would choose as their candidate , as in the RNC's treatment of both Texas Congressman Ron Paul and his supporters . So I therefore say ' Up Yours ' to both the RNC and the DNC as many others should do because these private organisations are only as powerful as the millions of members they currently have....