Comment: It's important to know that Citizens are killed "Unofficially"

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It's important to know that Citizens are killed "Unofficially"

We have definitely moved to a new and very dangerous level where the government now OFFICIALLY kills U.S. Citizens without due process. However it's important to know that the government has for years (and up to this day) assassinated U.S. citizens Unofficially. The whole Benghazi affair is likely to be an example of that. Joel Skousen (a top government corruption expert) broke that whole situation down in an interview just two days ago showing why the government may have purposefully ensured that the Ambassador be killed. It's a compelling argument. His analysis starts at 26:05 here:

For those of you who choose to watch the whole interview (highly recommended) you'll note a strange recommendation as to to how to vote depending on which state you're in. It was at the end of the interview and time was short so he wasn't able to elaborate at all. So to be fair, I'll quote what he said in this past Friday's newsletter in order to put that in context:

"...The election itself is turning into a major contest between good and evil and I have received numerous email pleas from conservatives around the country—concerned that my negative assessment of Romney (the non-insider who is pandering to the establishment) may do great damage to the country by helping re-elect Obama, giving us four more years of disaster.

I will concede that Obama will do a lot more direct damage to liberty in the next four years than Romney. His Supreme Court appointments will be arch liberals and corrupt lawyers who hate the constitution. He will attempt to push through UN treaties devastating to property rights and gun rights—not to mention his attempts to pass some international tax on all financial transactions – all of which will be tough to stop.

The “benefit” of this kind of evil in the White House is that good people will be more energized to fight. But if Obama succeeds, it may be too late for that increased fighting spirit to do much good or turn things around. And, we may have already passed the point of no return.

The kind of damage Romney would do is somewhat different. Even though not a dedicated globalist, he gives every indication that he will follow his neocon advisors into giving us a much more aggressive foreign policy, which will take him deeper into the globalist war agenda, even if he isn’t knowingly aware of where this is leading. Worse, he will succeed in talking a lot more conservatives into thinking these wars are just and good. They are not.

But, there is a chance—and this is what worries the PTB—that Romney might see too much illegal activity in the government and, like JFK, move to stop it. Then he, like Ronald Reagan, will face an assassination attempt.

Of course, the warpath Romney is treading will bust his ability to make any cuts at all in government deficit spending. But even without war, no president is going to have the votes to significantly cut government spending anyway—not even Ron Paul could do much outside of the president’s direct control—though he would at least veto the worst types of spending. Romney, at best, might lessen the growth of government, but the media will fight him tooth and nail on every issue and even foment social unrest in the streets if he succeeds in passing anything really damaging to their agenda.

As for Romney’s Supreme Court appointments, they will be more “moderate” than Obama’s but his advisors will push him to nominate controlled “moderates.” Always remember that the Senate has always been the big roadblock to a constitutional reform of the Supreme Court. It will never confirm the appointment of a true strict constructionist—someone who will reign in government and limit unconstitutional expansions of power. Romney has already admitted he won’t even try to reverse the abortion killing machine and the court precedents that sustain it.

I’ve always felt that if the dark side of government and media is going to shove globalism down our throats in both Republican and Democratic administrations, then it’s better that a puppet Democrat-president like Obama do it and get the blame rather than a moral Ronald Reagan type that will blacken the reputation of everything a Republican president is supposed to stand for. Under a compromising Romney, conservatives, Christians, and Mormon-Christians who hold that the Constitution is inspired of God, will suffer part of the blame for having supported him.

On the other hand, it is so painful to watch Obama’s cocky, controlled and smirking speaking style, his blatant lying about his Christianity, his wife’s defiant disgust for all things American, and manner in which the media worships his every move, I can’t help but think all of us long for a change.

I have long been committed to not vote for the “lesser of two evils” ever again. However, due to the unique circumstances of the current electoral battle and the tenacity in which the PTB are trying to re-elect Obama, I’m going to modify slightly my election recommendations.

I still think it is important, in states where conservatives will dominate, to send a message to the establishment that we won’t vote for either of the two major parties, which they control at the highest level. We must eventually get a more principled third party to become viable in the US, and the only way to do that is by voting for them in larger numbers.

I know many are planning on writing in Ron Paul’s name, in protest, but that won’t help the third party cause. You can help Ron’s cause better by voting third party, as Ron himself will do. In safe Red states a vote for Romney will neither help nor hinder, as our numbers are relatively small—so you don’t have to worry about “wasting” your vote or jeopardizing a Romney win by turning your vote into a protest. It sends a stronger message to the establishment to vote for a the Constitution or Libertarian Party candidate that has gone to all the trouble of getting on the ballot than to vote with the Republicans. The PTB are very worried about keeping a third party movement from becoming viable and we have to break that lock.

My personal support will go to the Constitution Party who is running Virgil Good for president. In some states, Will Christiansen is on the ballot for either the Constitution or the Independent American party which he heads—he’s a good friend and a faithful constitutionalist as well.

But I also think Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party is a pretty good candidate on most issues, and has a good track record in New Mexico. I personally can’t vote Libertarian due to their positions on abortion and gay marriage, but I think it’s an acceptable alternative for people who are in states where the Constitution party isn’t on the ballot.

In blue states, where the liberals heavily dominate, your vote for Romney won’t do anything one way or another either, so choose a third party to help increase its showing and stay on the ballot. If they don’t get a certain percentage of the vote during an election, they have to go through the arduous petition process to get on the ballot the next time.

However, in closely fought swing states (Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida), I’m going to recommend that people vote for Romney—not because I think he’s going to save us, but to make a maximum effort to thwart the establishment’s attempt to put Obama back in office via election fraud—characterized by the massive registration of non-citizens, the court’s denial of a state’s right to demand voter ID, and outright electronic altering of the vote tally.

I’m so mad because of all the manipulation I’ve documented in the past year, I’d really like to see the rigged election process fail. The kingmakers are limited in how much they can alter the vote tally as compared to exit polls which are usually very accurate. If they fudge the tally for Obama more than about 10% they raise huge suspicions of fraud—which they are reluctant to do. They actively fear people seeing conspiracy in action. ..."

If after watching this you'd like to delve into it further and see Joel's complete analysis of Benghazi in this past Fridays newsletter you can get a free copy of the entire thing by going to his web site and asking for it (highly recommended):