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This isn't about state's rights...

I believe the state of California has the right to make this law...I just don't believe it to be a good law or consistent with my principles (and more generally libertarian principles). That would be true regardless of whether or not the law is being considered at the federal, state, county or city level. For me this isn't an argument over state's rights. This is an argument about whether or not the government needs to be telling food companies what they can and cannot put on their labels. For me, the libertarian position is clear on this. Consumers have the right to decide what they will and will not purchase. Included in those decisions would naturally be what companies decide to put on their labels.

You said:

Over 80% of food products, ALL soda made with HFCS, ALL CAFO meat production, fast food restaurants, dressings, sauces, chips, cereals, canned goods, frozen food, juice boxes, CHILD FOOD, peanut butter, etc. have this GMO crap in it and unless you independent research, which most people are too busy trying to survive to do, you dont know whats in what you purchase.

And that's exactly it! That's the free market in action that we libertarians hold sacred! The free market says people do not care about GMOs. If people cared about GMOs, they would demand companies not using GMO label their food as such. That is not what is happening.

To me, what you are essentially saying is that:

1. The people of California do not know how to shop for healthy food.
2. I know how to shop for healthy food.
3. I am going to use the force of government to make sure my vision of how to shop for healthy food is enforced for 38 million people.

Go ahead and vote for this prop if you want. I'm not going to take it to court and try to overturn it on Constitutional grounds. Just don't pretend this is a libertarian position because it is happening at the state, and not federal, level.