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Not what I said at all. There are some damages that The State has done to individuals that can only be undone by The State, or a complete total system wide failure of data technology and unrecoverable loss of all previously stored data.

Specifically I'm talking about are those currently imprisoned and those who have served out their "punishment" years, in some cases decades, ago and are still paying punishments for their past involvement with illegal vegetables, in the form of being denied opportunities to pursue their dreams for the rest of their lives.

This idea that if we ignore the state long enough it will just vanish and the bombs will stop dropping, and the prison doors will swing open, and the whole world will live in a civilized stateless society, is where I part ways with anarchists. The idea that a person demanding the State release a kidnapped and enslaved family member is somehow themselves a slave on their begging knees, baffles me. Baffles me because it's usually a position taken by those who openly profess a natural right to self defense. If someone is firing bullets at you, you have the right to fire bullets to defend yourself. But if someone is firing ballots at you, you can't fire ballots back to defend yourself, because the state is violence, participation is condoning violence, and voting an act of violence? Bull!

You're right about one thing D ["basically that you don't want to suffer the system's consequences for failure of obeying their rules"] concerning the liberation of prisoners by force of arms. Because basically that's what you're suggesting in your statement; don't participate in the system of violence, ignore it and it will all go away -or the alternative- don't participate in the system of violence, take up arms against it.


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