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"And that's exactly it!

"And that's exactly it! That's the free market in action that we libertarians hold sacred! The free market says people do not care about GMOs. If people cared about GMOs, they would demand companies not using GMO label their food as such. That is not what is happening."

I disagree, it is happening! I think the entire local food/ farmers market movements prove that people are sick and tired of not knowing whats in their food. Places like Whole Foods becoming as big as they have (Not to mention John Mackey is the man), the surge of health food shoppes or health food sections in regular stores, and companies voluntarily labeling GMO FREE do illustrate that the public does not want to consume poison. Ive seen companies even label, "REAL SUGAR... NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP" in sodas, that tells where the market is going. So we agree that the free market is at the root of this change. Having said that, its still not as mainstream as it should be because the average consumer goes for price, which the entire pricing of food is grossly distorted because of companies like Monsanto. Our current food system is about as far from a free market as you could get.

"To me, what you are essentially saying is that:

1. The people of California do not know how to shop for healthy food.
2. I know how to shop for healthy food.
3. I am going to use the force of government to make sure my vision of how to shop for healthy food is enforced for 38 million people."

1. California probably knows how to shop for healthy food more than any other place... bunch of damn hippies haha
2. I do know how to shop for healthy food, I grow a lot of my own, support local meat/ egg producers and buy local as much as possible. I read labels, research ingredients, and research companies. Nobody is perfect, but i think the more people who are aware of what they are eating, the better.
3. Force is already used on the consumer who is left in the dark about what they consume. We dont have a free market in practically anything, especially food systems. I read the Blue Republican endorsement of Gary Johnson and am going to use a line that you may disagree with, but suits this debate well.

"Johnson is not a purist. He is a pragmatist, and he says as much – often. As he says, “I think libertarians need somebody who can articulate getting from A to Z. But you know, if G is achievable, how about it? Let’s get there!”"

I think the "force" put onto the government subsidized companies is a reflection of the people's attitude toward GMO food in California as is getting from A - G, the ultimate goal is to get to Z, but going in the right direction is better than going no where.

"Go ahead and vote for this prop if you want. I'm not going to take it to court and try to overturn it on Constitutional grounds. Just don't pretend this is a libertarian position because it is happening at the state, and not federal, level."

I'm not in Cali so I have no say other than my own opinion... and I'm not pretending anything. I believe that the All or Nothing stance is less effective than working in steps. If the people of California approve this referendum, than It is 100% Constitutional, as long as no individual rights are violated. Monsanto is not an individual with rights, even though they claim to be. They are harming the public, including their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness and the government helps with this process. We need to anything we can to illustrate their actions.

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...